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How to Choose an Essay Topic

Choosing a topic for your essay is not as easy as it sounds. Most students often face the challenge of coming up with the appropriate topic for their assignments. This is because, most examiners will always judge and speculate on the content of your essay based on how good the topic is. One of the don’ts when coming up with an essay topic is that it should not be too wordy. A wordy topic implies that you are not really sure about what you really want to write about. In addition to this, a wordy topic is misconstrued to be ambiguous and not precise. In view of this, always come up with easy topics that are precise, original and straight to the point. Most importantly, choose a topic that is relevant to the course you are studying since some courses are very specific on what to choose from and how to choose an essay topic.

The logic behind a wordy topic does not mean that you choose an extremely short topic. Your topic should cover the most important details of your essay based on what your essay will be all about. When choosing a topic for your essay, you should first ask yourself some few questions to be able to come up with the best topic. First, ask yourself what really interests you with regards to your course. If you’re a doing a course like arts and architecture, there are arts and architecture essay topics that never disappoint. Such topics include the ancient Greek art, Roman architecture, the Colloseum, the pyramids in Egypt, comparison between ancient art and modern art and the significance of popular artistic forms such as the Sistine Chapel.

When writing an essay on a course such as a business related course, your topic should be very current and be what’s regarded as ‘currently happening’. When choosing business essay topics, you should relate your essay to something that is current such as business and technology, emerging trends in the business world, organizational changes, ways of increasing sales through innovation, international business and employee motivation. This is because, business related essays are not the kind of essays where you explore the historical development of something say a process in business such as human resource management. Other courses such as English essays are less complex when choosing a topic.

English essay topics are often inclined to the field of literature and poetry. You can be asked to write a book review say ‘Shakespeare’s Hamlet or The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Such essays require you to write about the specific issue you have been asked to discuss. If you are witting a book say Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there are several ways of choosing an appropriate essay topic. You can choose a theme in the book and show how the author portrays or uses the theme in the book. You can also analyze a particular character such as Hamlet in the book something that is called character analysis. Thirdly, you can explore a particular issue in the book such as how women are portrayed in the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

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